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2019 Super Bowl

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League where the champion of the National Football Conference competes against the champion of the American Football Conference. The game is the culmination of a regular season that begins in the late summ…

prediction: ‘Madden’ simulation says the Patriots will win another wild Super Bowl classic In the CBS Sports ‘Madden’ simulation, New England barely beat Los Angeles By Will Brinson Feb 3, 2019 at 3:49 pm ET • 2 min read

In light of all that, the best bet remains the Chiefs. They have the reigning NFL MVP at quarterback, a bevy of skill position stars, an innovative offensive coach, a new edge rusher and an improved defense, at least in theory. They almost upended the Patriots last season to reach the Super Bowl.Sep 4, 2019


Who will win the Super Bowl predictions?

the Cardinals are +2500 to win the Super Bowl and +1200 to win the NFC. So you’re saying there’s a chance … A post shared by CBS Sports (@cbssports) The Kansas City Chiefs have the best odds to win the championship, followed by the Buffalo Bills …

What team favored to win Super Bowl?

the favored Packers team blew open Super Bowl I in the third quarter, scoring two touchdowns to take a 28-10 lead. Green Bay finished the game with 21 unanswered points in the second half to win a …

What are the current Super Bowl odds?

The Super Bowl is tomorrow. Time for parties, bets, big-screen TVs, and our annual lament that the Cowboys will not be playing in the big game. Since the game won’t have Dallas, we have to find other ways to engage in the game. Some come for the football …

Who is expected to win Super Bowl?

The American Gaming Association says a record 31.4 million Americans are expected to have money on the line when the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals take the field in LA on Sunday. That amounts to more than $7.6 billion in bets.


Who is favored to win the Super Bowl 2019?

the PatriotsGiven their propensity to play in close championship games, the Patriots are favored by less than a field goal against the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl 53.

What team is predicted to win the Super Bowl 2021?

Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes’ experience will come in huge for the Chiefs — if he’s up to it there’s no better young quarterback in the game today. Evidence points to Mahomes and Kansas City priming for another big playoff run, making them our favourite to come out on top.

Who is being predicted to win the Super Bowl?

Caesars Sportsbook says it’s the Kansas City Chiefs (13-2 odds), followed by the Buffalo Bills (7-1) and Rams (10-1).

Who will be going to the Super Bowl 2020?

At the end of the NFL’s 100th season, it’s fitting that the Super Bowl in 2020 features two of the league’s most prominent and historically relevant teams. The 49ers will play the Chiefs in this year’s Super Bowl, marking the first time they’ve met in the big game.

Who is favored Super Bowl 2022?

Check out the latest NFL championship odds for the 2022-23 campaign and get our expert’s analysis of the best teams leading the competition. The Buffalo Bills (+650) are the current favorites to claim the Vince Lombardi trophy come next February, but the Tom Brady-led Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+750) aren’t far behind.

What are the 2022 Super Bowl odds?

Best Super Bowl OddsBuffalo Bills Super Bowl Odds:+750 BetMGM. … Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl Odds: +800 Caesars. … Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Odds: +1000 BetRivers. … Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Odds: +1100 BetMGM. … Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl Odds: +1200 at Caesars. … San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl Odds: +1600 PointsBet.More items…•

Who won Super Bowl 55?

Tampa Bay BuccaneersSuper Bowl LV / ChampionThe Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a professional American football team based in Tampa, Florida. The Buccaneers compete in the National Football League as a member club of the league’s National Football Conference South division. Wikipedia

Who won Super Bowl 54?

Kansas City ChiefsSuper Bowl LIV / ChampionThe Kansas City Chiefs are a professional American football team based in Kansas City, Missouri. The Chiefs compete in the National Football League as a member club of the league’s American Football Conference West division. Wikipedia

Who won Super Bowl 53?

New England PatriotsSuper Bowl LIII / ChampionThe New England Patriots are a professional American football team based in the Greater Boston area. They compete in the National Football League as a member club of the league’s American Football Conference East division. Wikipedia

Who did the Steelers trade for in the 2019 NFL Draft?

The Steelers’ defense was lost without Ryan Shazier so the team traded up to No. 10 to take Bush in the 2019 NFL Draft. His sideline-to-sideline speed and coverage skills makes him an obvious fit in the middle of Pittsburgh’s D.

How many sacks does Floyd have in 2019?

The prediction is that gets to somewhere around 10 sacks in 2019.

What is the chance of Mahomes being the MVP?

If the Chiefs win the Super Bowl, there’s a 99.8 percent chance that Mahomes is going to be named the MVP, and that 99.8 percent chance moves up to 100 percent if he breaks every Super Bowl passing record ever, which seems like something he’s completely capable of doing.

Will the Chiefs win the Super Bowl?

If the Chiefs win the Super Bowl, their superstar quarterback will almost undoubtedly win Super Bowl MVP. Their defense is so bad that pretty much any game they win will require Mahomes to play at an elite level.

How many times have the Cowboys been to the Super Bowl?

The Cowboys have been to the playoffs 10 times since they last won the Super Bowl 24 long years ago. Much to the delight of Jerry Jones, they will take full advantage of their first NFC championship appearance since 1995. The Cowboys are a tough matchup for the Saints because they bring the right brand of physicality.

How many games are there in the NFL season 2019?

As is the case before every NFL season begins, league-wide optimism is never higher than it is as the calendar hits September. But 31 teams will see their 2019 season end with disappointment. There are 256 games in the NFL season, and barring a few pesky ties, somebody has to lose them.

Who is the new coach for the Broncos?

The Broncos are undergoing even more transition, with Vic Fangio and Joe Flacco as their new veteran coach-quarterback combination. Based on SN’s picks for the entire 2019 season, here are our predictions for the AFC West.

Is the Rams a contender for the Super Bowl?

The Rams, winners of the division in each of the last two seasons, remain loaded in the wake of their Super Bowl run. And at the risk of being overly simplistic, as long as the Seahawks have Russell Wilson making plays at a Pro-Bowl level, Seattle will remain a contender.

When is Super Bowl LII?

So is Super Bowl LII. Now, all eyes in the NFL are on the start of training camp and the 2019 Super Bowl, which takes place at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta on Feb. 3 on CBS.

Is Mike White a 49ers pick?

One surprise: White wants no part of the 49ers, who are a trendy pick listed at 16-1. “There’s an excitement around never-lost quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, but to give the 49ers the same chances of winning the Super Bowl 2019 as the Saints and Rams is pure lunacy,” White told SportsLine.


This year’s field feels more wide-open than in recent years, at least in part because the Patriots haven’t looked quite as dominant in the past. The last month of the season was a roller coaster ride, with each week a different team looking like the best team in the NFL.


I picked the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl at the beginning of the season and I’m sticking with them, though the loss of Kareem Hunt will hurt this team down the stretch, especially in an AFC championship game against a team like the Texans.


It’s all chalk in the AFC for me. The Chiefs and Patriots are at the top of the class, and I just don’t think the Ravens have enough offense to truly compete. In the rematch at Arrowhead, I’m taking the veteran quarterback over the soon-to-be NFL MVP.


While it’s wholly unoriginal to pick the Saints to win it all this year, there isn’t a more complete team in the NFL. They are the Patriots of this season, in that there are an array of fascinating picks to make, but only one possesses the ability to win a game three or four different ways.


The Saints still have as much offensive firepower as any team and are more dangerous now that they have someone to threaten defenses deep (a healthy-again Ted Ginn). But in December, when the offense stumbled for a few weeks, New Orleans’s defense showed it can carry the heavier load.


The Bears are the only team in the NFL whose defense ranks in the top 10 in every major statistical category—total yards allowed, rushing yards allowed, passing yards allowed, sacks and interceptions. The last team to do that for an season was the 2013 Seahawks, who… won the Super Bowl.


Drew Brees will likely come up just short of earning the first regular season MVP award of his career, but I believe the season will end with him earning his second Super Bowl MVP award.

When is Super Bowl 56?

NFL Super Bowl 56 Betting Picks. The 2021 NFL regular season is expected to begin in Week 1 on Thursday, Sept. 9 and conclude in Week 18 on Sunday, Jan. 9, 2022, as 32 teams will look to earn a spot in Super Bowl 56. All teams will play 17 games and the best 14 teams will meet in the 2021-22 NFL Playoffs.

Who was the first underdog to win a Super Bowl?

The largest upset came in Super Bowl III (1969) when the New York Jets beat the Baltimore Colts 16-7 as 18-point underdogs. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers became the first underdog to win a Super Bowl since the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

When will the NFL playoffs start in 2021?

The 2021-22 NFL Playoffs will begin on Saturday, Jan. 15, 2022, with four rounds of betting action, which concludes with Super Bowl 56.

How many games will the NFL play in 2021?

All teams will play 17 games and the best 14 teams will meet in the 2021-22 NFL Playoffs. VegasInsider.com is here to provide you with all the picks, predictions, and odds to help your handicapping for the 2021-22 NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl 56.



The Super Bowl is an enormously popular sporting event that takes place each year to determine the championship team of the National Football League (NFL). Millions of fans gather around televisions on a Sunday in February to celebrate this de facto national holiday. Broadcasted in more than 170 countries, the Super Bow…

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Data Summary

  • We used 3 different websites to collect all of our data: NFL.com, pro-football-reference.com, and topendsports.com. Utilizing the Beautiful Soup package in Python, we began to scrape. We wanted to collect all stats from the past, starting with the first Super Bowl of 1966, leading up to the present (Week 13 of the NFL). Starting with NFL.com, the stats fell under the 2 categories of …

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  1. Column names were not intuitive and needed to reflect where the information came from.
  2. Columns with multiple pieces of information needed to be separated into multiple columns.
  3. Many of the data types were incorrect and needed to be adjusted.
  4. Reordering of columns to ensure readability.

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  • The first issue that needed to be addressed within our dataset was that of the missing data. The problem with dropping those columns that contained missing values is that many of them capture very important aspects of the game and this negates information for the years we did have value. Filling those values with the means of their respective columns did not make sense because so…

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Data Imputation

  • Linear Regression
    The first technique used a linear regression where the dependent variable was one of the columns that contained missing data, and the independent variables would be the other columns. The model trained on the existing data for those columns as such, each observation that was missin…
  • K-Nearest Neighbors
    After consultation with a previous statistics professor, Mohamed Abdelhamid, it was suggested to use the technique of K-Nearest Neighbors (or KNN). This technique looks at every observation as a collection of all of its attributes and plots each observation in n-dimensional space, where n is …

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Multiple Imputation by Chained Equations

  • The two previous imputation methods had not worked and a final method named multiple imputation by chained equations(or MICE) was attempted. This method is also known as “fully conditional specification” or “sequential regression multiple imputation”. In Azur Melissa’s article (2011) about MICE, she explains that this technique has been used for data that is missing at ra…

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Handling Unbalanced Data

  • Now that the missing data has been handled, it was time to handle the unbalanced data issue. There have only been 53 past Super Bowl winners and with 32 teams per season (there were fewer teams in earlier years), this leads to an unbalance of 1525 teams being “non-winners” and 53 teams being winners. With only about 3% of our total population being winners, it is very diffi…

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How smote Works

  • In addition to undersampling the majority as mentioned in (Chawla et al, 2002), the minority oversampling method is the true genius behind this sampling method. The first item is to decide how much oversampling needs to be done. In our case, we wanted a 50 50 split between “winners” and “non winners”. SMOTE was implemented using the “imblearn” package in Python. …

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Feature Selection

  • As mentioned above in the data imputation-linear regression portion, recursive feature elimination (RFE) is a convenient way of reducing the number of columns to only those that matter most. Now that the missing data has been filled in and the unbalanced minority has been balanced, we conducted RFE to filter out the top 20 most impactful columns for who will win the Super Bowl. …

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