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Will EB3 India become current in 2022?

EB2 is now ahead of EB3. EB3 may not reach Jan 2014 in 2022. Retrogression in EB2 is expected by Sep 22….Predictions – India – Final Action.BulletinDateOct 2022Apr 16, 2015Nov 2022Apr 28, 2015Dec 2022May 11, 2015Jan 2023May 22, 20159 more rows

Will EB2 retrogress in 2022?

Date of Filing Application Many are wondering if, and when, EB3 will make any movement, and if EB2 is due for retrogression. It appears that EB3 may not make any movement until September of FY 2022. EB2 could retrogress slightly, but this does not seem likely for July 2022.

How long is the wait for EB2 India?

As a general overview, the EB2 visa processing time usually takes about 18 months from start to finish, but it can take up to several years in certain cases (depending on your country of birth).

What is current date for EB3?

IndiaFinal ActionDate of FilingEB1current 0 dayscurrent 0 daysEB21 Dec 14 +3 month 1 days1 Jan 15 +1 month 1 daysEB315 Jan 12 0 days22 Jan 12 0 daysEB3Other15 Jan 12 0 days22 Jan 12 0 days2 more rows

Will EB2 India move forward in 2021?

EB2 Expected to Move During FY2021 and FY2022 We should expect progress ahead for both India and China in the employment-based, second preference (EB2) category, beginning from June 2021 onward.

Is EB3 faster than EB2?

Previously, countries like India and China experienced long queues for EB3. However, changes made to India’s Visa Bulletin for October 2020 have made the EB3 route a lot faster than EB2. The U.S. government caps how many visas can be approved each year from each country.

Is EB2 better than EB3?

Both are employment-based visas. However, the EB2 visa is the second-preference employment visa and the EB3 visa is the third-preference employment visa. This means that EB2 visas are slightly preferred over EB3 visas. EB2 visas make up 28.7% of approved employment-based visas.

How many EB2 applications are pending?

around 560,000+ applicationshow many eb2 india applications are pending? Per CATO Institute, Estimations show that that there are around 560,000+ applications pending in the EB2 category for FY2020.

What is EB2 current priority date?

EB-2: India will advance by one year, to September 1, 2014, and China will remain at March 1, 2019. All other countries will remain current.

How long EB3 visa takes?

Getting an approved labor certification is required for the employer to sponsor a foreign worker under the EB3 visa. This process usually takes about 10 months.

How long is the wait for EB3 India?

For example, EB-3 India moves by 3.5 months (7 weeks for EB-2 India) while EB-3 China is forwarding by 5.5 months (EB-2 China advances by six weeks). Under the Dates for Filing category, this is even more noticeable: EB-3 India advances by about five years while EB-2 India advances by two years.

Will EB3 move forward in 2022?

With current information and numbers regarding available green cards in the EB3 category, it does appear that EB3 is still not expected to reach Jan 2014 by this FY 2022.

PERM Case Status Check

Enter your PERM case number to estimate approval time. You can also check the PERM approvals that are being tracked.

Check PERM on DOL Site?

You cannot track your PERM status online on the official DOL FLAG website as it can only be accessed by your employer or attorney.

PERM Case Number

The number is assigned to your PERM case when your employer or attorney creates the case in the online DOL system for the first time. Your employer may or may not submit the case on the same day to DOl for approval.

PERM Status Meaning

PERM certified status means it has been approved and is valid for 180 days from the date of approval.

PERM Green Card Priority Date

Your US Green card priority date is the date when you file your PERM application with DOL and not the date when the case was created online.

Experience letter for PERM – Skill Letter

Use a PERM experience letter sample to get skills listed on the old employer’s letterhead as employment verification.

Adjustment of Status Processing time

Green card adjustment of status form i485 processing time is updated daily using the official USCIS processing times and data shared by real applicants in various forums and trackers online.

I-485 Concurrent Filing with I-130

Form I-485 is also the next step in the family-based green card process after submitting Form I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative). If the sponsored husband or wife is present in the United States, you can file I-130 and I-485 together as a “ concurrent ” application.

Case Outside Normal Processing Time

If your ‘ case received date ’ is before the date (worst case) mentioned above, you should raise a service request with USCIS to check why your case has been delayed. This could mean your case is taking longer than other similar cases and may be stuck in administrative processing.

What to do if priority date is not current?

Current Step: If your priority date is not current, then you can calculate when it may become current, check your case status, case processing time, etc:

When will you get Wl?

You will get wl in 2028 so just be patience and take your time.


Predictions For 2022

The best case means USCIS wastes only less than 10% of Green card numbers. The average scenario is when USCIS will not use at least 25% of green cards. The worst case is when USCIS will lose 50% of Green card numbers forever.

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