An imperfect relationship generally yields exact prediction.

What are Imperfect Relationships?

Imperfect relationships vary between 0 and 1. They will be plus or minus depending on the direction of the relationship. A. Definition. position within their own distributions. Standard scores allow us to examine the relative positions of variables independent of the units of measure. Calculating r. 1. Computational formula from raw scores:

What does the correlation coefficient between 0 and 1 mean?

• between 0 and 1 = imperfect • 0 = non-existent regression line에 points closer수록,the higher the magnitude of the correlation coefficient and the more accurate the prediction Pearson r(CC)-1

What is the first step in proving that two variables are causally related?

–>finding out that two variables is related to each other is the first step toward proving that they are causally related to each other 3)Reliability –>to assess test-retest reliability

What is the meaning of the term’-perfect’in statistics?

-perfect: one in which a positive or negative relationship exists and all of the points fall on the line correlation: direction & degree of the relationship direction: positive or negative degree: magnitude or strength correlation coefficient -expresses quantitatively the magnitude and direction of relationship (correlation을 숫자로 보여주는 것)

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