Caruso vs fognini prediction


What happened between Fabio Fognini and Salvatore Caruso?

Later, when speaking to the press, Fognini refused to delve into what happened on court, dismissing the stoush as simply on-court frustration. Fabio Fognini and Salvatore Caruso clashed after their thrilling Australian Open match. Photo by DAVID GRAY/AFP via Getty Images “It’s not important for me,” said the Italian veteran.

Who is Fabio Fognini and where is he now?

He joined ESPN in June, 2013 and works as an Associate Editor, covering sport in Australia and around the world. MELBOURNE, Australia — A bizarre postmatch on-court dispute involving Italian pair Fabio Fognini and Salvatore Caruso marred a gripping five-setter at the Australian Open.

What did Caruso say when Fognini called him’Lucky’?

Caruso appeared to take umbrage with the fact that Fognini had called him “lucky” on multiple occasions during the match, to which Caruso replied: “What are you talking about?”


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