Cody garbrandt vs kai kara-france prediction


Cody Garbrandt is favored in his 125-pound debut against Kai Kara-France at UFC 269. The former bantamweight champion lost his last time out, while the New Zealander is coming off a victorious finish. Sean Zerillo breaks down the matchup and delivers his pick for bettors below.Dec 11, 2021

Will Kai Kara win France?

He currently competes in the Flyweight division for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). As of March 29, 2022, he is #2 in the UFC flyweight rankings….Kai Kara-FranceWins24By knockout11By submission3By decision1024 more rows

How tall is Kai Kara France?

5′ 5″Kai Kara-France / Height

How tall is Cody no love?

5′ 8″Cody Garbrandt / Height

What is the tattoo on Cody garbrandt back?

Garbrandt’s back tattoo also depicts the Roman Colosseum and a gladiator standing on top of a beheaded opponent. “I have always been a fan of Roman Gladiators and fighting. It’s portrayed, you’ve got the Colosseum in there, the warrior is up before the beheaded guy. We went with the gladiator theme.”

Who is the shortest UFC fighter?

Here’s your answer: Two fighters hold the record for the shortest in UFC history, Hector Sandoval and Fredy Serrano. Both fighters measure 5’2″ (157.48cm) tall. Interestingly, both fighters had a 2-2 record during their time at the UFC before being released.

Is Askar Askarov deaf?

Askarov was born deaf, and though his hearing has improved, he can only hear approximately 20% of the sounds most people can, meaning he cannot hear instructions from his team during a fight.

How old is Kai Kara France?

29 years (March 26, 1993)Kai Kara-France / Age

How tall is Urijah Faber really?

5′ 6″Urijah Faber / Height

How much does Bruce Buffer make?

Buffer holds a black belt in Tang Soo Do and has fought as a kickboxer. Sportekz Feb 2020: $1 million yearly earnings. He is the highest paid ring announcer.

What does Dustin Poirier chest tattoo mean?

Poirier has a tiger stripe print across his chest over his heart, and in the middle of it is the Bushido code. That means ‘way of the warrior’ in Japanese to represent his fighter’s heart.

What is Conor McGregor tattoo?

Conor McGregor – Gorilla He has been inked a lot but the most obvious tattoo, unmissable in the middle of his chest, is the one of a crowned gorilla eating a heart. The design was inspired by the gorilla logo of the Straight Blast Gym-Ireland, where McGregor used to train.

What is Volkov back tattoo?

Alexander Volkov’s massive back tattoo depicts a Samurai helmet. The artwork is fundamentally based on the confrontation between life and death. According to Volkov’s tattoo artist, Maxim Kislitsyn, the Samurai helmet embodies the two alienable essences of being.

UFC 269: Kai Kara France vs Cody Garbrandt Fight Preview

Kai Kara France is one of the most technical fighters in the UFC Flyweight division. He made his UFC debut against Elias Garcia on UFC Fight Night: Dos Santos vs Tuivasa in December 2018. He represents New Zealand and Kai Kara France is a part of the city Kickboxing team.

UFC 269: Kai Kara France vs Cody Garbrandt Prediction and Odds

The former UFC Bantamweight champion, Cody Garbrandt is a slight betting favorite entering into this fight with betting odds of -132 in his favor against Kai Kara France who is entering this fight as an underdog with betting odds of +135 in his favor.

Kara-France vs Garbrandt betting preview

Kai Kara-France is fresh off a first-round knockout win against Rogério Bontorin in March which allowed him to bounce back from a submission loss to Brandon Royval. The 28-year-old had an extensive MMA career around the world before making his UFC debut in 2018.

Garbrandt moneyline (-150)

There are always questions about whether dropping down in weight class will drain a fighter’s strength, cardio, and chin. That said, Garbrandt has been teasing the move down to 125 pounds for a while and says he walks around at 145, which is comparable to the bigger fighters in this division.

How to Watch UFC 269 Tonight

If you are wondering how to watch UFC 269, it’s easy! The UFC 269 prelims and early prelims will be available to watch for free via ESPN+. Anyone who has an ESPN+ account is already good to go.

Kai Kara-France vs Cody Garbrandt Prediction

UFC 269 Kara-France-Garbrandt prediction is from Tapology Fight Predictions.

In Conclusion

You are getting great value here on Garbrandt. The only assumption we have to make is that he performs at least 80% as well as he does at 125 than he does at the Bantamweight limit of 135 pounds.

Pick: Cody Garbrandt -135

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Kai Kara-France vs Cody Garbrandt betting odds

This is a close pick’em fight, with neither fighter strongly favored to win.

Where to bet on Kai Kara-France vs Cody Garbrandt

Use the AllStar’s directory to find the best sportsbooks and recommendations on where to place UFC bets online. If you just want to play for fun, head over to to our Fantasy UFC picks app to make your fight predictions for Kai Kara-France vs Cody Garbrandt totally FREE.

How to stream the Kai Kara-France vs Cody Garbrandt fight online

ESPN+ is the best option to stream live UFC events if you like in the United States. Outside of the USA, the best option is to register for UFC Fight Pass.


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