Downloadable free printable baby prediction templates


How to play Baby predictions game?

How to Play: Baby Predictions – Distribute the printable game card where guests will write their predictions on certain questions about the upcoming baby. You can ask them to predict the baby’s gender, height, weight, birth date, etc. Of course, there’s no definite answer for most of the questions.

How do you predict a baby’s birth?

Once everyone has filled the cards, put them together and hand them over to the parents to be. Once the baby is born, parents can go through these cards and see who predicted the most accurate guess. If you wish you can send the prize to the winner.

How do you make a prediction card for a baby shower?

All you have to do is print these prediction cards out. If you want, you can add some card stock behind it. Use any color of card stock that matches your baby shower theme, or go with black and white for a look that will match any theme!

Do You Have Your predictions for the baby’s height and weight?

Everyone will have their predictions for the baby’s height, weight, gender, eye colour, name… Minute to win it Fun and Exciting Baby Shower Games to Play, labor or horror game, Horror or Birth Scenes, shit happens Game, Ice Breaker baby shower game


How do baby prediction cards work?

You can simply download the file below and print it in standard paper or thicker paper or cardboard, depending what you have available. I recommend using matte paper so it will be easier to write on it.

Download and Print

You have two options of download. You can download an A4 page in .pdf with 4 cards already layed out. The dimensions of the cards in this page are approx 13×9 cm (5×3.5 inches). Or you can download the .jpeg file of the single card which you can then print in whatever size you want.


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