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Can marriage be predicted accurately from a horoscope?

Marriage astrology by date of birth is the simplest analytical where, not only the timing of marriage is decided, but also the future outcomes after marriage are predicted by analyzing your zodiac and date of birth. So that a careful study can reveal marriage horoscope prediction by date of birth.

How to predict love marriage in horoscope?

how to predict love marriage in the horoscope: In astrology Venus, 5th lord and house are primary planets behind any kind of romantic relationship or love affairs and if they are connected with 2nd lord/house, 7th lord /house, 11th lord/house then the native will be involved in love affairs and finally will get married. Talk To Astrologer

Is marriage horoscope true or false?

So, since horoscopes are true sometimes and false sometimes, one cannot accurately say that “horoscopes are false“. Report this Argument. Con. Mr confused Pro-Horoscope advocates that horoscopes ‘sometimes’ come true. Reality is anything in general can come true for anyone! You could say generally to anyone that you might meet the love of your …

Does the horoscope affect marriage?

Your horoscope does not have a life of itself to impact your marriage (or any other thing). It is just a crystal ball that shows what your marital life and other things would look like. Yes, horoscope gives clear picture of how a person marriage and family life would be.


How can I predict my marriage?

While auspicious planets cause early marriage, inauspicious planets cause delays in marriage. If you find Mercury or moon in your seventh house, you will get married at a very young age between 18 and 23. If the seventh house is occupied by Jupiter, you will get married between 24 years and 26 years.

What age you will get married?

A new study suggests that people should get married between the ages of 28 and 32 if they don’t want to get divorced, at least in the first five years.

How do you know when will I get married by date of birth?

To decide the right date for marriage, the couple’s date of birth must be considered. As per the general rule, dates 1 and 9 of every month are best dates to get married for all persons born on any date.

What age will I get married Indian astrology?

At what age will marriage take place? If in the seventh house of your horoscope, Mercury or any sin planet like Rahu, Ketu, Mars is not visible or with Saturn, then you get married before the age of 22. If Mercury is sitting in the best house, then the person is married at the age of 22 to 25 years.

At what age should a girl marry?

The Law Commission Report of 2008, on reforming family law, recommended a uniform age of marriage for boys and girls at 18 years and not 21. The National Human Rights Commission in 2018 recommended that there should be a uniform age of marriage for boys and girls.

Is 30 too late to get married?

There has been a never-ending debate about the right age to get married. While some feel 20s is the ideal time to tie the knot, for many 30s is the phase of life when you are more stable and mature to take the plunge. In reality, there are pros and cons to getting hitched at any age.

Will I have a love marriage?

Conjunction of Rahu and Venus in planets of Libra, Pisces, Scorpio, or in Houses like 5th, 7th, 8th and 2nd gives a strong indicator that the native will have Love Marriage. Also if you talk about the Lagnas then the combination of Arudha Lagna and Upapada Lagna in a chart, increases the chance of Love Marriage.

What is the name of the person you will marry?

These two words are borrowed directly from French, in which language they have equivalent but gendered meanings: fiancé refers to a man who is engaged to be married, and fiancée refers to a woman.

What is the lucky number for wedding?

Lucky Numbers Number 9 is also a very lucky number, especially for weddings. The number “9” ‘s pronunciation is the same as the Chinese word “久“ which means “long-lasting”. That’s why some people prefer to have their weddings on the 9th, 19th or 29th to hope for an enduring marriage.

At what age Saturn gives marriage?

Secondly, Saturn’s natural age is 36 years before which it does rarely give tangible results. The only time that Saturn can give marriage around 30th year is when it aspects the 7th house with its 3rd, 7th and 10th aspect in transit, this is more so when it aspects 7th house from the 5th house with its 3rd aspect.

Should we believe in astrology for marriage?

Yes, your Kundalini in Astrology does matter in marriage decisions. Kundalini is a synonym of Kundali/horoscope/birth chart/natal chart but the meaning remains the same. The Kundli or horoscope is the governor of all the aspects of human life, and marriage is therefore no different.

Can Astrology predict “when will I get married”?

Every person is curious about “when will they get married?”. Horoscopes capture ‘the unique planetary positions in the 360-degree zodiac’ relative…

How does horoscope tell about my marriage?

Horoscopes are the astrology-based data of your life. By thoroughly analyzing the Rasi of the house, planetary positions, and the 7th house/bhava o…

What is Kuja /Mangal dosha?

The position of planet Mars/Kuja in your horoscope is very important. Sometimes, its positioning can cast negative influences on your married life…

Can I marry the person I love?

If you already have someone in your life, we at ClickAstro can generate your accurate marriage prediction for free based on the birth details you p…

Why is my marriage getting delayed?

This situation arises primarily due to the presence of “doshas” in your horoscope. Each dosha like “Kuja dosha” or “Rahu-Ketu dosha” impacts your l…

Can horoscopes reveal details of my future spouse?

As your horoscope clearly indicates different aspects of your life, it can definitely predict information about your future spouse too. It not only…

Is horoscope matching necessary for marriage?

As per Hindu mythology, matching horoscopes form the base of every new relationship. You may be curious to know about your life partner, and thus,…

Can horoscope tell about my spouse?

Your horoscope encodes the astrological data of various aspects of your life. A fine interpretation of this coded data can reveal several unknown f…

How can I get a free marriage horoscope report?

You can get your Clickastro free marriage horoscope report by typing in your birth details on the link provided. The report is accurate and compreh…

Why do astrologists look at marriage?

For marriage astrology, Astrologers also look into the right date and time to get married, because getting married in certain bad timings and days can wreak havoc in married life. Marriage prediction and marriage astrology has become a trend nowadays. Knowing how compatible you are with your partner can help you work on your love life …

Which planets are important for marriage?

Specific planetary alignments supporting marriage in astrology and things to watch out for. As far as Vedic astrology and Marriage astrology goes, Venus and Jupiter have a significant role when it comes to marriage. Because, they both are deemed as the natural significators of marriage.

What sign is Mars in?

For example, if Mars is placed in Aries in Rasi chart, and let’s say it is the ascendant (first house), we must check in which sign is Mars placed in Navamsa and where is the sign lord of Mars placed in Navamsa and the Rasi chart.

What does the 7th house of the birth chart mean?

Normally, in astrology each of the twelve houses signify a certain aspect of our life. the 7th house of a birth chart signifies marriage and any kind of partnership. Marriage is a kind of partnership with your spouse.

What happens if only one person is Mangalik?

Because, there is a strong belief that if only one person is Mangalik, the spouse, who is non-Mangalik may suffer a great loss after marriage and even put his/her life at stake. The Navamsa or the 9th divisional chart or the D9, is also taken into account for understanding the marriage prospects.

What happens if the 7th house Lord is in a dual sign?

If the 7th house Lord is placed in a dual sign, then also the second marriage becomes likely. Again one must do marriage prediction by date of birth to assess this in a birth chart. If Jupiter or Venus is retrograde, combust or debilitated in a birth chart, this may delay or deny marriage.

What does the 5th house mean in astrology?

The 5th house is seen for love marriage, romance etc. It shows whether the person will love someone and get married or will their marriage be arranged by elders in their family.

How to analyze planetary combinations for love marriage?

To analyze the planetary combinations for Love marriage, you must check the strength of your 5th house and it’s ruling lord. Your astrology by date of birth for marriage can help you identify if the 5th house and its Lord are strong enough to boost your chances of having a love marriage.

Which planet is important for marriage?

Mars is critical in marriage. Any Mars Dosha or Kuja/Manglik Dosha can cause life-long effects on married life. Jupiter is another important planet, especially for women. Clickastro marriage report will cover all manner of doshas in your horoscope.

What is a horoscope?

Horoscopes are the astrology-based data of your life. By thoroughly analyzing the Rasi of the house, planetary positions, and the 7th house/bhava of your horoscope, a free astrology prediction for your marriage can be made. Our report also helps you identify if you will have a love marriage or an arranged marriage, …

What does Janam Kundali represent?

Your Janam Kundali or natal (birth) chart is a complete snapshot of your life and represents the positioning of all the celestial bodies including the planets, the Sun, the Moon at the time of your birth. Using your birth chart, it’s easier for the astrologers to gain valuable insights into your personality and other qualities that you possess as an individual.

Why do we use natal chart?

Your natal chart helps them understand more about your past deeds, your present, and accordingly make predictions about your future. All these predictions are done based on the concept of Vedic astrology and their precision depends on the birth details that are fed into the chart.

What is the 7th house in the birth chart?

Out of all the 12 houses, the 7th house dictates the marriage aspects of an individual and is ruled by the planet Venus. According to Vedic astrology, planets like Jupiter (Guru), Venus (Shukra), Mercury (Budh), …

Can you have a lot of questions about marriage?

To answer all your questions around compatibility and more, it’s best to rely on your horo scope as it can tell you in detail about the quality of your marital life and about your future partner.

What are the principles of Vedic astrology?

If there is any malefic aspect in the 7th house and 7th lord then the marriage is in trouble. If there is no Benefic aspect on 7th house and 7th lord then the marriage is in trouble. If the 7th lord is posited in 6 th, 8th, 12th house then the marriage is in trouble.

What planets are in trouble with the 7th Lord?

If the 7th lord is posited with malefic or enemy planets like Sun, Saturn, Mars, Rahu , or Ketu then also the marriage is in trouble. If there is a malefic planet placed in the 7th house then also the marriage is in trouble. If the 7 lord is in Sun, Rahu, Saturn , and Ketu nakshatra then marriage is in trouble.

How to read horoscope for marriage?

First, one must have accurate birth details for reading marriage horoscope from date of birth. Reading Marriage horoscope by date of birth means astrologer should know which houses are seen for marriage. It is not one house but multiple houses that are seen for marriage.

Which planets should an astrolger know?

The astrolger should know which planets mainly Mars, Venus & Jupiter are seen to read marriage horoscope by date of birth. It also means astrologer should know how to match the relationship compatibility of both the persons to read marriage horoscope by date of birth.

Can astrology predict the date of divorce?

When the marriage date prediction can be done through astrology so can be date of divorce be ascertained. Effective remedies, when applied then the following results can come: Separation in married life. In the series of accurate marriage prediction free of cost, last is divorce or separation.

Did you get marriage jatakam matching before marriage?

Now, you failed to get the marriage jatakam matching before marriage. You also failed to do the marriage counselling before marriage. Your marriage is running in rough weathers and every marriage prediction by date of birth says that the marriage is doomed.

Is there a verse in Parashara’s astrology?

Technically speaking, there is no verse in Parashara’s astrology or any other contemporary literature which speaks about Mangal Dosha. It is proved beyond doubt that it is the handiwork of present-day astrologers who have given such prominence to non-existent yoga.

Is name compability for marriage a weapon?

A name compability for marriage is also carried out before other analysis are run. This is the last weapon Astrology by date of birth for marriage has in its armory. But, this is a weapon that seldom fails. I strongly recommend to visit this page as this is a true marriage preditions free of cost that never fails.

Is marriage prediction astrology complete?

Marriage prediction astrology is not complete without Pre-marriage Astro-cou nselling. The importance of this aspect of Vedic astrology is not understood by many as they all think it to a simple marriage counselling.

Marriage Calculator

The Marriage Calculator is meant for giving you a broad outline of the nature of your marriage and married life on the basis of the planetary position in your birth chart. As per Vedic astrology, there are several factors that influence the timing of a person’s marriage and chart the course of the married life.

Marriage and planetary positions

Marriage Calculator assumes great importance in life; marriage makes or breaks the native’s life. The natal chart predicts whether a person is destined to marry or not. While some astrological combinations promise marriage, a few others deny it. There are also planetary positions that delay marriage.

Time of marriage and married life

The Marriage Calculator analyzes different aspects of your birth chart, studying the influences of different planetary positions that dictate the possibility of marriage, the timing of your marriage and the nature of marriage and married life.


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