Old wives tale about fog and snow prediction


The old wives’ tale is that if mole holes are deeper than 2.5 feet, a harsh winter is ahead. The shallower the holes, the milder the winter. Foggy Augusts One old wives’ tale says that every foggy August day equates to a day of snowfall in the coming winter.


Do you believe these old farming wives tales about the winter?

People have their theories, but I for one like to believe some old farming wives tales about the winter. I had a friend tell me the other day that it is a great sign there are so many bees, big snow year. I didn’t really get this one though. There are a lot of old winter wives tales that I believe whole-heartedly though, and maybe you should too.

Are old wives’ tales about the weather reliable?

Today we think of these as “old wives’ tales,” or if we’re being charitable, “weather lore.” Some of those old guides, though, were surprisingly reliable. Here are a few that actually have some basis in science — and a few that don’t. While hearing crickets denotes silence in today’s slang, at one time crickets were little six-legged weather apps.

Are there any old winter wives tales you should listen to?

There are a lot of old winter wives tales that I believe whole-heartedly though, and maybe you should too. Nature has its own way of preparing for a big winter. If the migratory birds are still hanging around, you may want to start worrying. If your dog has a thicker coat or the squirrels are scurrying around already, start getting exciting.

What does fog in winter tell you?

Fog in winter always tells of cold and wind. A large number of hawberries means a hard winter is coming.. Clocks and watches tick louder before mild weather.


What is the old wives tale about fog?

Heavy fog in August One old wives’ tale says that every foggy day during August equates to a day of snowfall during the following winter. Some also use this tale in more general terms, meaning that if there is a lot of fog throughout the month of August, there will be a lot of snow throughout the upcoming winter.

What is the saying about fog and snow?

According to the old folklore, it really can. The saying is, “For every foggy morning in August, it will snow that many days this winter.”

What does fog mean for future weather?

3. Summer fog means fair weather is on its way. Fog is made up of condensed water droplets which are the result of the air being cooled to the point where it can no longer hold water vapors. In the summer, the air can only cool enough if the night sky is clear enough that the heat can be radiated into space.

What does fog in winter mean?

In the wake of the storm, high pressure moves in bringing a brief period of sunshine which starts to melt and evaporate some of the snow. This process puts a lot of water vapor into the air just above the ground. At night, as temperatures cool, the water vapor condenses into water droplets and fog forms.

What does fog in January mean?

GREENSBURG – According to many sources, including The Farmers’ Almanac and many self-respecting grandmothers, fog in January means we will have a wet spring.

What does the Farmers Almanac say about fog?

Fog reduces visibility outdoors greatly producing dangerous driving conditions. Be particularly cautious when driving in low land areas near water when fog is present or likely to occur.

What are signs of snow?

Typically, falling atmospheric pressure signals coming precipitation. If air temperatures are right, precipitation will fall as snow (typically between -2° and 2°C or 28° and 35°F).

How do you predict fog in the morning?

3:366:27How I predict fog – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipPoint is to the real temperature. The higher the chance of fog this morning i think it’s one degree.MorePoint is to the real temperature. The higher the chance of fog this morning i think it’s one degree. One half degrees below the real temperature.

Will it rain 90 days after a fog?

While there is no scientific evidence to support the claim it will rain 90-days after a fog, Lang said there is one thing we can be sure of in the short term when it comes to precipitation. “It’s supposed to snow, snow coming through in the next day or two.”

Can there be fog and snow at the same time?

No, fog can not be combined with a snowstorm. Fog is a result of water evaporating and then becoming minuscule liquid particles again, floating in the air, which is very difficult at low temperatures, and can not happen under 0C.

Does fog melt snow?

That is why you may have heard the phrase “Fog eats snow.” It’s not that the fog actually does something to the snow; rather, the fog is absorbing, then re-radiating, long-wave radiation back to the ground — and this long-wave radiation is helping to melt the snow.

What are the 4 types of fog?

Different Types of FogRadiation Fog. This type of fog is the one of most common in the country, especially in the fall and winter. … Advection Fog. Advection fog is similar to radiation fog as it forms because of condensation. … Mountain/Valley Fog. … Freezing Fog. … Evaporation Fog.

When it is evening, ye say it will be fair weather?

Jesus said,“When it is evening, ye say, it will be fair weather: for the sky is red. And in the morning, it will be foul weather today: for the sky is red and lowering.”. Matthew 16:2-3. Many of the old-timey sayings about the wind and weather point to the west as the place to watch for developing conditions.

Is it raining in 3 dewless morns?

Three dewless morns, rain is for sure. Dew before midnight, next morn will be bright. If you make a fire outside and the smoke goes straight up, you will have good weather. If the smoke curls and wisps then rain is on it’s way.

What caterpillars predict the cold?

Woolly Worms. According to folklore, the black-and-brown caterpillars of the tiger moth species can predict just how cold and snowy it’s going to be for the upcoming winter when spotted during the fall season. The caterpillars have black bands at each end of their bodies, and a reddish-brown section in the center.

Why do leaves turn green in the fall?

But chlorophyll, the pigment that makes leaves green, does begin to decrease as the nights get longer in the fall, with cooler weather bringing brighter colors.

Can mice be heard in the winter?

If your home is prone to mice infestations and you start hearing activity in your walls earlier than normal, winter may come earlier than you expect.

Can corn husks survive the winter?

Thicker Corn Husks. (image via: alternative heat) The same folk wisdom that says thick a corn shells can predict a severe winter applies to corn husks and onion skins, too . If corn husks are very chick and tight, the corn – which relies on warm weather to thrive – is trying to protect itself from cooler weather.

What is the relationship between weather and nature?

Weather lore relies on the notion that there is a strong cause-and-effect relationship between nature and the weather. A weather lore forecaster takes cues from nature at the time he or she needs to know what the weather is going to be like.

What happens in August when it’s cold?

And, according to August weather lore, “For every fog in August, there will be a snowfall.”. If the first week in August is unusually warm, the coming winter will be snowy and long. If a cold August follows a hot July, it foretells a winter hard and dry. While many of us in the 21st century may think weather lore is more whimsical that wise, …

Is weather lore accurate?

While not all weather lore is accurate, there are many sayings that prove to be on the mark time and time again. When you examine weather lore, you realize that the basics of this weather predicting method are careful observations that have been made over many years.

What does fog mean in winter?

Fog in winter always tells of cold and wind. A large number of hawberries means a hard winter is coming.. Clocks and watches tick louder before mild weather. “Cobwebs” on the grass are a sign of good weather. Rain falling while the sun shines is a good chance it will rain the next day.

When the fog goes up the mountain hoppin, the rain comes down the mountain droppin?

When the fog goes up the mountain hoppin’, Then the rain comes down the mountain droppin’. If it rains before seven, it will quit by eleven. (If, however, fog descends down the mountain, the weather will soon clear.) The next two deal with cloud shapes: A mackerel sky won’t leave the ground dry.

What are some superstitions about weather?

Weather Superstitions. A mackerel-colored sky foretells rain. Streaks of sunlight coming through clouds mean that rain is on the way. The sun is “pulling up moisture”. When smoke from a chimney falls, it’s going to storm. Whitecaps on a pond or river foretell of rain. Froth along the edge of streams means rain.

What does a white cap on a pond mean?

Whitecaps on a pond or river foretell of rain. Froth along the edge of streams means rain. A halo around the moon brings rain. Early mist foretells a day of fine weather. Snow that lingers is waiting for more snow. Many sparks in the fire, or an easy-burning fire in your fireplace means cold weather.

What does it mean when the sun is shining and the rain falls?

A common saying was that, “Rain falling while the sun is shining means the devil is beating his wife.” (Some qualified that by adding “with a codfish” at the end)

When a rooster flies onto the gate and crows, it will rain?

When they sing low in the tree, it will rain. Sea gulls on land bring rain. When a rooster flies onto the gate and crows, rain is on the way.

When does it rain when a cat lies in the sun?

If a cat lies in the sun in February, she will creep under the grate in March. If you see sparks when you rub a cat’s fur the wrong way, cold weather is coming. When a dog or cat eats grass, rain is approaching. When you see many snails in the evening, it will rain during the night.


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