Rudy baldwin prediction 2021


Recently, Rudy Baldwin revealed her terrifying predictions that would happen this 2021. She already proved the authenticity of her predictions after some of them happened during previous years. The Filipino psychic predicts a new skin disease would spread in various countries all around the world.


What is Rudy Baldwin’s prediction for 2022?

MANILA, Philippines – Psychic reader and dream translator, Rudy Baldwin bared her visions and predictions for the year 2022. Rudy summed up her forecasts for 2022 in three descriptions. According to her, this year will be a year of disaster, success and depression.

What will be the year 2021’s psychic forecast?

For the year 2021, Rudy already laid down some of her psychic predictions. Here are the six visions she had for the new year: 1. A new virus that affects the skin will appear all over the world that would most likely lead to another pandemic. While the illness has a treatment, it is highly contagious.

What were Rudy’s predictions on Christmas Day?

Another very specific prediction Rudy claimed was an earthquake on Christmas Day. True enough, a 6.3 magnitude quake hit Calatagan, Batangas and felt even in Metro Manila.

Did Rudy Rudy predict April Boy Regino’s death?

Rudy also said she predicted the death of April Boy Regino when she claimed that a popular singer known for wearing caps whenever he performs will pass away in 2020. Just a few days after Rudy said a typhoon is on the way, Typhoon Ulysses created havoc in Manila and parts of Luzon.


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