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What has The Simpsons predicted correctly?

THE Simpsons may be one of the most popular animated TV shows in history, but it’s also proved eerily accurate at predicting major life events – apparently foreseeing everything from Trump’s presidency to 9/11.

What are all of the Simpsons predictions?

Posts shared on social media in South Africa and the United States claim that an old episode of The Simpsons TV show predicted the January 2022 Covid-19 trucker protest in Canada. But the claim is false: AFP Fact Check found that the video is an edit of two different episodes made to look like the show’s producers predicted the event.

Does the Simpsons really predict the future?

The Simpsons doesn’t have the ability to predict the future. It just turns out that if you make >700 episodes of TV, you’ll eventually guess some future events correctly purely by chance.

How does The Simpsons actually predict the future?

This is very scary to think that they could have predicted this. In the New York times, it says that The Simpsons can easily predict the future because they make the episodes one year before they air. This makes a lot of sense because for the very intelligent people writing the episodes it is very easy for them to predict events that could happen.


Have The Simpsons predicted anything for 2021?

Fish looks like Homer Simpson Over its 32 seasons, the prophetic animated series has been credited with predicting everything from 9/11 to the coronavirus pandemic. This year is no different as the Fox show has eerily anticipated some of 2021’s most groundbreaking events years in advance.

What predictions have The Simpsons made?

10 Predictions From ‘The Simpsons’ That Came TrueLady Gaga and The Superbowl. Image via 20th Century Fox. … Walt Disney and Fox Merger. Image via 20th Century Fox. … Trump Presidency. Image via 20th Century Fox. … USA Curling Team. Image via 20th Century Fox. … FaceTime. … Matrix 4 Premiere. … Pandemic. … Murder Hornets.More items…•

Did The Simpsons end 2020?

The Simpsons has been renewed through season 34. Season 33 will debut September 26, 2021.

Did The Simpsons say the F word?

“F-“, with the remainder of Homer’s sentence cut off by a loud burst of organ music. The word is implied to have been a doozy, as frightened birds flew out of trees, passersby stared in shock at the Simpson home, and Ned Flanders exclaimed, “Dear Lord! That’s the loudest profanity I’ve ever heard!”

What episode does The Simpsons predict 2021?

What are The Simpsons 2021 predictions? In The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXXI, it’s US election day in 2020 and Homer sleeps right through it. We’re then shown Inauguration Day, 20 January 2021, and full-on chaos has ensured. The series depicts a Doomsday apocalypse in which the US has turned to war.

Who is famous for predicting the future?

NostradamusMichel de Nostredame (December 1503 – July 1566), usually Latinised as Nostradamus, was a French astrologer, physician and reputed seer, who is best known for his book Les Prophéties (published in 1555), a collection of 942 poetic quatrains allegedly predicting future events.

Is The Simpsons ending in 2021?

The thirty-second season of the American animated television series The Simpsons premiered on Fox on September 27, 2020, and ended on May 23, 2021….The Simpsons (season 32)The SimpsonsOriginal networkFoxOriginal releaseSeptember 27, 2020 – May 23, 2021Season chronologyList of episodes6 more rows

Is The Simpsons ending in 2022?

The thirty-third season of the American animated television series The Simpsons premiered on Fox on September 26, 2021 and ended on May 22, 2022….The Simpsons (season 33)The SimpsonsOriginal releaseSeptember 26, 2021 – May 22, 2022Season chronologyList of episodes7 more rows

Will The Simpsons reach 1000 episodes?

“The Simpsons” aired its 700th episode earlier this year, and Jean says he would be happy to keep the show going until it reaches 1,000 episodes — a feat which would not occur until 2033.

What is the most inappropriate Simpsons episode?

“Natural Born Kissers” is the twenty-fifth and final episode of the ninth season of the American animated television series The Simpsons. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on May 17, 1998.

Is The Simpsons rated R?

Generally, The Simpsons receives a TV-PG rating, which may or may not include: mild suggestive dialogue (D), infrequent mild language (L), mild sexual situations (S), or mild violence (V).

Can an 11 year old watch The Simpsons?

When it comes to “The Simpsons,” Common Sense Media recommends that only children ages 10 and up view the show. The organization cites that the show does contain violence, sexually explicit content, substance use, and anarchy at times.

Who predicted the Simpsons in 2021?

The Simpsons. Has Predicted in 2021 and Beyond. Richard Branson’s trip to space is the latest in a long line of Simpsons predictions. By Justin Kirkland. Jul 15, 2021. Elaine Chung. People have been trying to predict the future for as long as we’ve been around as a species—Nostradamus, the Mayans, Miss Cleo (may she rest in peace).

When did the Simpsons say 9/11?

Perhaps the strangest and most famous of these predictions is that The Simpsons appeared to allude to 9/11 in the 1997 episode “The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson.”.

Who is the president in Bart to the Future?

In the now famous episode “Bart to the Future,” Lisa Simpson is president, which is not terribly hard to fathom. But what is eerie is that this episode, airing in 2000, predicted that she would succeed President Donald Trump, whose fictional term as President seems as disastrous as his actual term.

Is Marge Simpson a name calling character?

Marge Simpson Isn’t Having Any Name-Calling. 12 Things You Didn’t Know About The Simpsons. For over three decades, the series has thrived with a dedicated audience invested in the hijinks of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie.

Kamala Harris becoming vice president

Vice President Kamala Harris and President Lisa Simpson (from the 2000 episode “Bart to the Future.”)

The Capitol riots

A still from “The Simpsons” 2020 “Treehouse of Horror” Halloween special.

When did the Simpsons predict Donald Trump?

The Simpsons correctly – and shockingly – predicted Donald Trump would be America’s president in an episode aired way back in 2000.

When did the Simpsons include horsemeat?

Bizarrely, in 1997 The Simpsons included a short clip of dinner ladies at Springfield Elementary bulking up the school dinners with horsemeat.

What episode of The Simpsons did the Virgin Group travel to?

The feat was apparently all too similar to a 2014 episode of The Simpsons called “The War of Art.”.

Why is Springfield quarantined?

UK’s tiered lockdown. In The Simpsons Movie, Springfield is quarantined under a huge glass dome, at Government orders, to protect it from pollution. Fans of the hit TV show couldn’t resist likening the UK’s Covid lockdown to the dome-shaped prison.

What animal takes Bart under her wing?

In the clip, an elderly chimpanzee takes Bart under her wing after pulling him through the cage at the zoo.

What did Lisa Simpson wear in 2000?

In the episode, Lisa wears a purple suit and a pearl necklace as she became President of the United States.

Did the Simpsons predict Greece would be in financial crisis?

A Reddit user claimed that The Simpsons predicted Greece would be in financial crisis before it happened for real.

Why do the Simpsons exist?

As we’re all very well aware, The Simpsons almost exclusively exists to predict the future. That’s why it’s there. Not for entertainment, but for a Nostradamus-esque existence that only aims to tell the tales of a distant land. They’ve done it before and they’ll do it again.

Who is the president of the United States in Simpsons season 1?

RELATED: Every Episode Of The Simpsons Season 1, Ranked (According To IMDB) Cast your mind back to The Simpsons Movie and you’ll remember that Arnold Schwarzenegger was the president of the United States, and his decision to choose number three is what doomed Springfield.

What is the IoT in Simpsons?

Fans of The Simpsons don’t have to wait long for this to happen. A.I. and the Internet of Things (IoT) have been part of the medical world for years. The COVID-19 pandemic helped move the technology forward so telemedicine was more than a simple Zoom call.

What episode does Lisa and Hugh fly to Springfield?

In the classic episode “Lisa’s Wedding ,” Lisa and her fiance, Hugh, fly from London to Springfield. As the plane takes off, they marvel at the way the old technologies have helped improve air travel. The scene switches to their tri-wing plane taking off from the airport.

Did the Simpsons run out of story ideas?

As The Simpsons progressed, it isn ’t exactly a secret that they have begun to run out of storyline ideas. Some of the stuff we are presented with in later seasons is certainly a little more far-fetched than that of the Golden Era, but we’ll let it slide.

Do the Simpsons predict the future?

Updated on November 1, 2020, by Richard Keller: The Simpsons has a knack for predicting the future. They’ve been correct on several historical events that fans have to wonder if they have a crystal ball. This has also happened with their predictions on technology.

Did Pierce Brosnan play a house?

Rather than playing himself, he played a house. Yes, a house. In particular, a house that was in love with Marge.


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