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Which episode of The Simpsons predicted 2021?

Social media users invoked the 2000 episode of the seer-like comedy series, “Bart to the Future,” in which Lisa Simpson becomes the first female president of the United States.

Does The Simpsons predict 2021?

1:268:172021 Predictions The Simpsons Got Right (And 5 That Could Still Happen)YouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipThey one of the biggest news stories for this year out of a lot to choose from to be honest is theMoreThey one of the biggest news stories for this year out of a lot to choose from to be honest is the space race going on between the billionaires. In particular elon musk jeff bezos and richard branson

What did The Simpsons predict for 2021 January 20?

What has The Simpsons predicted for Inauguration Day, Jan 20, 2021? The Simpsons’ 31st Halloween special, Treehouse of Horror XXXI, ominously predicts a 2021 doomsday scenario. The episode, which aired on November 1, frighteningly examines the 2020 election campaign and inauguration day for 2021’s new president.

What predictions have The Simpsons got right?

10 Predictions From ‘The Simpsons’ That Came TrueLady Gaga and The Superbowl. Image via 20th Century Fox. … Walt Disney and Fox Merger. Image via 20th Century Fox. … Trump Presidency. Image via 20th Century Fox. … USA Curling Team. Image via 20th Century Fox. … FaceTime. … Matrix 4 Premiere. … Pandemic. … Murder Hornets.More items…•

Is The Simpsons ending in 2021?

The thirty-second season of the American animated television series The Simpsons premiered on Fox on September 27, 2020, and ended on May 23, 2021….The Simpsons (season 32)The SimpsonsOriginal networkFoxOriginal releaseSeptember 27, 2020 – May 23, 2021Season chronologyList of episodes6 more rows

Who is famous for predicting the future?

NostradamusMichel de Nostredame (December 1503 – July 1566), usually Latinised as Nostradamus, was a French astrologer, physician and reputed seer, who is best known for his book Les Prophéties (published in 1555), a collection of 942 poetic quatrains allegedly predicting future events.

What year does the world end in The Simpsons?

“Thank God, It’s Doomsday” is the nineteenth episode of the sixteenth season of the American animated television series The Simpsons. It first aired on the Fox network in the United States on May 8, 2005….Thank God, It’s Doomsday.”Thank God, It’s Doomsday”Couch gagEveryone in the family looks like Moe Szyslak–including the female members.17 more rows

What episode of Simpsons is January 2021?

In The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXXI, it’s US election day in 2020 and Homer sleeps right through it. We’re then shown Inauguration Day, 20 January 2021, and full-on chaos has ensured. The series depicts a Doomsday apocalypse in which the US has turned to war.

Who is the writer of The Simpsons predictions?

The Simpsons long-time writer Al Jean spoken on the bizarre ways the show has appeared to “predict” major moments in time.

What episode does The Simpsons predict 911?

The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson”The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson”The Simpsons episodeEpisode no.Season 9 Episode 1Directed byJim ReardonWritten byIan Maxtone-Graham13 more rows

What has The Simpsons predicted that hasn’t happened yet?

“The Simpsons” predicted mass automation in 2012 with robots taking over jobs of many humans (which many believe is already happening), but a robot coup was touched on long before that.

Is The Simpsons over?

The Simpsons has been renewed through season 34, keeping it on the air until at least 2023.

What episode of The Simpsons is the longest running?

Titled “Marge in Chains” the season 4 episode features a sick Asian worker sneezing on a shipment of juicers that many of the residents of Springfield wish to purchase, …

What episode of Bart to the Future was Lisa on?

In 2000, the show had an episode titled “Bart to the Future” in which it joked about Bart’s sister, Lisa, becoming president after “President Trump,” but reports that the show foresaw an image of Trump on an escalator and predicted the electoral map from his win turned out to be false.

How many seasons are there in The Simpsons?

W ith 31 seasons and counting on the air, The Simpsons is undeniably a television phenomenon. Both the longest-running American sitcom and animated program, the critically acclaimed cartoon is widely recognized as one of, if not the, best shows of all time for its humorous satire of everything from politics and pop culture to everyday family life.

Who is the author of The Simpsons and their Mathematical Secrets?

But according to Dr. Simon Singh, the author of The Simpsons and their Mathematical Secrets, after Homer decided to become an inventor in “The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace,” he was pictured standing in front of a blackboard with an equation that predicted the mass of the yet-to-be-discovered particle.

What episode of Game of Thrones did the Serfsons live in?

There was even a fire-breathing dragon that burnt down the Serfsons’ village, much like Drogon (acting at Daenerys’ behest) ended up doing to King’s Landing in Game of Thrones ‘ penultimate episode, “The Bells.”

Where are the Simpsons in Game of Thrones?

A 2017 episode called “The Serfsons” saw Homer, Marge and the rest of the Simpsons gang find themselves in the kingdom of Springfieldia, an alternate fantasy universe that parodied many aspects of life in Westeros on Game of Thrones.

Did Homer try to vote for Obama?

In a bit inspired by the 2008 presidential election, Homer tries to vote for Barack Obama only to have a voting machine record his selection as John McCain several times. Coincidentally, when it came time for Obama to run for a second term in 2012, video footage emerged of a Pennsylvania machine switching a vote from Obama to one for his Republican opponent, Mitt Romney. The machine was reportedly taken out of commission.

And so it goes

And just like the Simpsons we move on once this episode is over, learn almost nothing from it, and then go on to do something even more stupid.

That must be a trip

Over and over. We’ve been rewatching seasons 2-11 w the kids and they are pointing stuff out all the time.

Pretty hysterical

The immediate “maybe there’s some in this truck,” followed by a group of people overturning it, is maybe my favorite joke I’ve ever seen on television

Sad times

the sadness I felt at that clip not including the part where the guy puts the bee on his tongue…

Think on this

Did you really predict or has humanity always been this stupid since the dawn of time?

But for real tho

Could you please write an episode where Professor Frink develops a vaccine so we can end this?


I still like how the one dude eats the bee. That’s the most fitting comparison to now.

When did the Simpsons legalize marijuana?

In 2018, The Simpsons’ crystal ball struck again after Canada legalised marijuana on October 17 — a move which the hit show predicted thirteen years ago. In an episode dating back to 2005, Ned Flanders is offered a “reeferino” – gibberish for a cannabis joint – by his Canadian alter-ego.

What episode of The Simpsons did the Virgin Group travel to?

The feat was apparently all too similar to a 2014 episode of The Simpsons called “The War of Art.”.

Why is Springfield quarantined?

UK’s tiered lockdown. In The Simpsons Movie, Springfield is quarantined under a huge glass dome, at Government orders, to protect it from pollution. Fans of the hit TV show couldn’t resist likening the UK’s Covid lockdown to the dome-shaped prison.

What did Lisa Simpson wear in 2000?

In the episode, Lisa wears a purple suit and a pearl necklace as she became President of the United States.

Is The Simpsons accurate?

THE Simpsons may be one of the most popular animated TV shows in history , but it’s also proved eerily accurate at predicting major life events – apparently foreseeing everything from Trump’s presidency to 9/11. As coronavirus continues to wreak havoc around the world, fans are claiming the show even predicted Hollywood legend Tom Hanks being …

When did the Simpsons come out?

Here are some of The Simpsons predictions that are yet to come true.. Credit: Alamy. The first ever episode of the animation hit our screens back in 1989 and it’s likely that even more things portrayed in the show will go on to happen in our lifetimes. For example, 27 years ago the team of writers predicted the coronavirus pandemic we’re currently …

What episode of The Simpsons does Homer visit Itchy and Scratchy Land?

During season six, episode four , Bart, Lisa, Homer and Marge visited Itchy and Scratchy land. The high-tech amusement park, which is located on a remote island, is full of robots that help entertain guests. But things start to go pair shaped when the robots malfunction and try to kill the guests.

Why does Homer smash an ant colony on his head?

In classic Homer style, the nuclear safety inspector manages to smash an ant colony on his head as he tried to save some crisps that escaped from his packet in space.

What episode does Herb design a baby translator?

Credit: Fox. During the third season of the show, Homer’s brother Herb designs a baby translator. The episode, which goes by the name of Brother Can You Spare Two Dimes, follows the businessman’s dream of creating a device that can help grownups understand babies.

Who predicted the Simpsons in 2021?

The Simpsons. Has Predicted in 2021 and Beyond. Richard Branson’s trip to space is the latest in a long line of Simpsons predictions. By Justin Kirkland. Jul 15, 2021. Elaine Chung. People have been trying to predict the future for as long as we’ve been around as a species—Nostradamus, the Mayans, Miss Cleo (may she rest in peace).

When did the Simpsons say 9/11?

Perhaps the strangest and most famous of these predictions is that The Simpsons appeared to allude to 9/11 in the 1997 episode “The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson.”.

Who is the president in Bart to the Future?

In the now famous episode “Bart to the Future,” Lisa Simpson is president, which is not terribly hard to fathom. But what is eerie is that this episode, airing in 2000, predicted that she would succeed President Donald Trump, whose fictional term as President seems as disastrous as his actual term.

Is Marge Simpson a name calling character?

Marge Simpson Isn’t Having Any Name-Calling. 12 Things You Didn’t Know About The Simpsons. For over three decades, the series has thrived with a dedicated audience invested in the hijinks of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie.


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