Skagit river prediction


Current projections show the Skagit River reaching minor flood stage Sunday. The river is expected to crest in Concrete at 29.18 feet at about 10 p.m. on Sunday. It will then crest in Mount Vernon at 30.19 feet (moderate flood stage) at about 10 a.m. Monday.


What phase of flood is the Skagit River?

This level for this location corresponds to a Phase 2 flood in the Skagit County flood system. the Skagit River will flood low areas and sections of roads along the river from Rockport downstream to Sedro Woolley. This level for this location on the Skagit corresponds to a Phase 3 flood in the Skagit County flood system.

Where can I find real-time data for the Skagit River basin?

This website contains a list of all USGS stations in Washington that track real-time data. Skagit River Basin gauges include: Skagit River, Samish River, Cascade River, Sauk River, Baker River, amongst other locations. This website contains an interactive map of all river stations in the region and information on the river’s forecasted levels.

Where is the Skagit River in Washington State?

Location.– Latitude 48°26’42”, Longitude 122°20’03”, in SE 1/4 SE 1/4 Section 7, Township 34 North, Range 4 East, in Skagit County, Hydrologic Unit 17110007, on right bank 220 feet downstream of bridge on U.S. Highway 99, 1.5 miles north of Skagit Valley Junior College in Mount Vernon, and at river mile 15.7.

Will the Skagit River flood affect Sedro Woolley?

the Skagit River will cause flooding from Rockport downstream through Sedro Woolley. Flood waters will inundate low areas near the river…roads…and several residential areas mainly Cape Horn…Hamilton and Thunderbird. Some water will flow onto Cockreham Island and into the Nookachamps and Sterling areas.

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What is the current level of the Skagit River?

Current USGS Skagit River Levels Flood Stage for the Skagit River at both the Mount Vernon and Concrete Gauges is 28 feet. This website contains real-time instantaneous data for the Concrete gauge in both discharge (cubic feet per second or cfs) and gauge height (feet).

Is the Skagit River going to flood?

the Skagit River will flood from Sedro Woolley downstream through Mount Vernon to the mouth. Flood waters will inundate some low-lying roads……Flood Categories (in feet)Major Flood Stage:32Flood Stage:28Action Stage:23.5Low Stage (in feet):01 more row

How fast does the Skagit River flow?

Skagit River• average16,530 cu ft/s (468 m3/s)• minimum3,050 cu ft/s (86 m3/s)• maximum180,000 cu ft/s (5,100 m3/s)Basin features32 more rows

How high is the Skagit River in Mount Vernon?

The elevation of this station has been determined to be 3.80 feet above NAVD 1988.

Why is Skagit River so muddy?

In the Skagit, sediment is pushed out to the bay and Puget Sound due to river channelization and the extensive levee system. Indeed, since the late 1880s, an estimated 90 million cubic meters of sediment has accumulated in Skagit Bay.

Did Skagit River crest?

The Skagit River nearly broke a crest record in Mount Vernon following heavy rainfall over the past few days. MOUNT VERNON, Wash. — The heavy rain over the past few days caused near-record flooding along the Skagit River near Mount Vernon. The Skagit River’s crest was 36.79 feet on Nov.

Why is the Skagit River Green?

Skagit gneiss (a rock that contains the mineral olivine) or as we tell Mountain School students, ‘glacial flour’, is eroded by ice and flows down glacial streams, entering Diablo Lake. As the sun hits these tiny rock particles suspended in the lake, they reflect off this beautiful jade green color.

What kind of fish are in the Skagit River?

Native SpeciesFall-chinook-salmon.Bull Trout.Chum Salmon.Coastal Cutthroat Trout.Coho-salmon.Winter Steelhead [esa-listed]Summer-steelhead-esa-listed.

Why did the Skagit River bridge collapse?

The incident took place when William Scott, a driver for Mullen Trucking Corp., was transporting an oversize load across the Skagit River Bridge when his vehicle struck 11 of the structure’s sway braces, causing a portion of the bridge to collapse into the river.

Does Sedro Woolley flood?

Coastal Floods Are Increasing * At Seattle water level station, 63 miles from Sedro-Woolley .

Is the Samish River flooding?

the Samish River will cause moderate flooding from Old Hwy 99 down to Samish Bay, flooding many areas of farm land along the river and further away….Flood Categories (in KCFS)Major Flood Flow:11Flood Flow:3Action Flow:2.1Low Stage (in feet):01 more row

How high is the Suwannee River?

Automated Phone LineStationRiver MileJun 8SuwanneeFargo22195.13Benton (CR 6 Bridge)19676.42White Springs17152.9553 more rows

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