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Did UW-Madison student predict Bucks’win over Suns in NBA Finals?

The UW-Madison student sent out this prediction all the way back in 2016: “2021 NBA finals Bucks vs Suns game 7 Bucks win 123-115.” A similar article was published by the Milwaukee Fox affiliate WITI, and a widely-shared video posted by TikTok user @rundacourt included what appeared to be a screenshot of Plahmer’s tweet:

What happened in Game 6 of the Bucks-Celtics series?

SportsLine’s model simulated Game 6 of the Milwaukee Bucks vs. Boston Celtics series in the Eastern Conference semifinals The Boston Celtics face a must-win situation on Friday evening in the 2022 NBA playoffs. The Celtics dropped Game 5 at TD Garden to the Milwaukee Bucks, leaving Boston in a 3-2 hole in the best-of-seven matchup.

Are the Bucks playing for their first championship in 50 years?

For example, WTMJ, a Milwaukee NBC affiliate, reported that: The Bucks are playing for their first championship in 50 years. The Phoenix Suns have never won an NBA title. So who would have predicted this NBA Finals match-up?

Will the Suns and Bucks meet in the 2020 NBA Finals?

He didn’t predict the Suns and Bucks would meet in the 2020 finals, or in 2022, or in 2019 or 2023. He used his knowledge of two of his favorite teams’ rosters, saw some potential, and correctly predicted the NBA Finals line-up in exactly five years’ time.


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