Vo2max prediction


Predicted maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) measurements are based on the assumption of linear relationship between heart rate or power output and oxygen consumption during various intensities.


What is the formula for calculating VO2 max?

Method 3 Method 3 of 3: Using the Brigham Young University Jog Test

  1. Put on your heart rate monitor. Walk in slow circles and do light stretching for 10 minutes to warm up before starting the test.
  2. Start your stopwatch and lightly jog 1 mile. You can jog around a .25 mile (.40 km) track four times, or a 1 mile (1.6 km) flat surface.
  3. Stop the stopwatch and check your heart rate. …

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What is a good VO2 max score?

What is a good VO2 max? A top-level VO2 max score will be in the region of 60-80 for men, while women will be about 10-15% lower. As we mentioned before, VO2max differs by sport, so cross-country skiers who use both arms and legs generally have the highest VO2max scores recorded because they are using all four limbs and their oxygen demand is …

What is VO2 max and why you should track it?

Your VO2 max shows how well your heart and veins push blood to your muscles and the rest of your body. Knowing your VO2 max can help you measure fitness and heart health improvements over time. VO2 max is especially helpful for athletes like runners, swimmers, cross-country skiers, and rowers to guide their training.

What does VO2 max tell you?

What Other Factors Contribute to Improvements in VO2max?

  • Threshold Training – If VO2 max measures your aerobic potential, lactate threshold determines how much of that potential you tap into during a race. …
  • Motivation and Mental Training – Yep! …
  • Lifestyle Factors – These include smoking, diet, and body composition.

Is predicted VO2 max accurate?

In conclusion, the predicted protocol is fairly accurate (±3 %) and reliable to predict VO2max values in male soldiers but the use for clinical purposes should be considered individually.

Does VO2 max predict life expectancy?

They discovered that participants in the highest five percent range of VO2max lived about five years longer than those in the bottom five percent.

How is predicted VO2 max calculated?

Count the number of beats over 60 seconds. Then, take your maximum heart rate by working out to exhaustion and then checking your pulse again for 60 seconds. Divide your maximum heart rate by your resting heart rate, then multiply the result by 15.3 to get your VO2 max.

Why should we predict VO2 max?

Why Is VO2 Max Important? Your VO2 max shows how well your heart and veins push blood to your muscles and the rest of your body. Knowing your VO2 max can help you measure fitness and heart health improvements over time.

What is a good VO2 max male by age?

Maximal oxygen uptake norms for men (ml/kg/min)rating18-2556-65good52-6036-41above average47-5132-35average42-4630-31below average37-4126-294 more rows

What is a good fitness age?

As humans our peak fitness potential is usually around the age of 20. This is true for both men and women.

Is the Apple Watch VO2 max accurate?

For example, it depends upon factors when the heart rate was measured. And it’s also dependent on whether you were moving or stationary when making the VO2 max calculation. So Apple’s predicted VO2 max, or for that matter, Garmin or any other fitness tracker, may not be very accurate.

Is Garmin VO2 max accurate?

The results from these runners found that Garmin’s VO2 max estimation was 95% correct and the error was less than 3.5ml/kg/min. The results are reasonably accurate granting most sub maximal testing has an error of 10-15%.

Does weight affect VO2 max?

Conclusion: The major influence of body weight on VO2max is explained by FFM; FM does not have any effect on VO2max. Fatness and excess body weight do not necessarily imply a reduced ability to maximally consume oxygen, but excess fatness does have a detrimental effect on submaximal aerobic capacity.

Is VO2 max a good indicator of heart health?

VO2max is a single predictor of cardiorespiratory fitness or exercise capacity estimates and has a protective effect on cardiovascular disease [2]. It has been shown by several epidemiological studies that high RHR and low VO2max play a role in increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease [[3], [4], [5], [6]].

Is VO2 max a good indicator of health?

VO2max is generally regarded as the best indicator of cardiorespiratory fitness. It reveals how much oxygen your body is able to consume during maximum effort. The higher your VO2max, the more oxygen your body can use – and the better your aerobic fitness.

How can I increase my VO2 max?

How can you increase your VO₂ max?Perform high-intensity interval training. This consists of doing several minutes of intense aerobic exercises, like cycling on a stationary bike, reducing the intensity for a few minutes, and increasing the intensity again.Switch up aerobic activities in a single workout.

What is VO2 max?

The term VO2 max means the same as maximal aerobic capacity, maximal oxygen uptake or maximal oxygen consumption. This parameter describes the amount of oxygen the individual’s organism is able to utilize in one minute. It is a popular indicator of physical efficiency (especially aerobic efficiency). Moreover, it is a good predictor of your potential as an endurance athlete or even an indicator of future health. A lot of trainings base on VO2 max percentage value to specify their intensity. As you can see, knowing your VO2 max is essential if you want to train consciously, with progressive sports attitude. If you’re a more well-rounded athlete, checking your one-rep max may also give you useful insights.

Can you calculate anything in any order?

You can calculate anything, in any order.

Is VO2 max a good indicator of fitness?

It is a popular indicator of physical efficiency (especially aerobic efficiency). Moreover, it is a good predictor of your potential as an endurance athlete or even an indicator of future health. A lot of trainings base on VO2 max percentage value to specify their intensity. As you can see, knowing your VO2 max is essential if you want …

How to calculate VO2 max?

Advertisement. The following is the basic formula for calculating VO2 max: VO2 max = maximum milliliters of oxygen consumed in 1 minute / body weight in kilograms.

What is the difference between oxygen levels in the air you inhale and the air you exhale?

The difference in oxygen levels between the air you inhale and the air you exhale indicates how much oxygen your body is using. VO2 is measured in liters of oxygen consumed per minute and may be expressed in units of liters per minute (liters/minute). Your VO2 max is the maximum amount of oxygen your body can use.

Can you get oxygen masks measured?

Probably not. You can have this measured professionally at some medical facilities and training centers. The test typically involves breathing into an oxygen mask while walking on a treadmill at a certain pace for a certain amount of time. However, this test may be too expensive for the average recreational runner.

Is VO2 max a predictor of success?

Keep in mind some of the top distance runners in the world have had lower VO2 max numbers than some of their less-accomplished competitors, indicating that the VO2 max alone is not a clear predictor of success. Yellow Dog Productions/Getty Images


Enter the distance and time from a recent race to calculate your VO 2 max.

Additional Information

Your true VO 2 max can be calculated by running on a treadmill while hooked up to instruments that measure your oxygen consumption. Obviously, it can only be done in a physiology lab. You can read more about it on Wikipedia.

When is VO2 max reached?

VO2 max is reached when oxygen consumption remains at a steady state despite an increase in workload.

What is VO2 Max?

VO2 Max (also maximal oxygen consumption, maximal oxygen uptake, peak oxygen uptake or maximal aerobic capacity) is the maximum rate of oxygen consumption measured during incremental exercise (exercise of increasing intensity).

What does max oxygen mean?

The name is derived from V – volume, O2 – oxygen, max – maximum. Maximal oxygen consumption reflects the overall cardiorespiratory fitness of an individual. It is an excellent way to assess an individual’s fitness level.

Why is VO2max important?

For both moderately active individuals and athletes, VO2max assessment is vital for training and performance.

Is VO2 max a good indicator of health?

The short answer is no. VO2 max is widely used as an indicator of health . In 2016, the American Heart Association published a scientific statement recommending that cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF), quantifiable as VO2 max, be regularly assessed and utilized as a clinical vital sign. This statement was based on mounting evidence that lower fitness levels are associated with high risk of cardiovascular disease, all-cause mortality, and mortality rates stemming from various types of cancers. In addition to risk assessment, the AHA recommendation cited the value measuring fitness for validating exercise prescription, physical activity counseling, and improving both patient management and patient health.

Is the VO2 max test good?

It is an excellent way to assess an individual’s fitness level. While it is true that the VO2 Max test can help determine endurance capacity during prolonged exercise, there’s a common misconception that only trained runners, cyclists and endurance athletes can benefit from the test.

Is VO2 max defined by the Fick equation?

VO2 max is properly defined by the Fick equation:

How fast is V02max?

For example, if that happens to be stage 14, your V02max tempo is 36 seconds per 200 metres, 72 seconds per 400 metres, and about 4:49-4:50 per mile. If stage 10 is your final stage, then your V02max tempo is 46 seconds per 200 metres, or 92 seconds per 400 metres and 6:10 per mile. Your calculated V02max tempo should be faster than your usual 5-K race velocity. If not, try the test again at a later date.

Why do clunky feet cause high V02max?

Well, bear in mind that a pretty well-trained athlete with clunky feet can have a high V02max, because those clunky feet will force leg muscles to use oxygen at high rates as the poor fellow moves down the road.

How many seconds per 200 metres?

When you reach the four-minute point (after the first two two-minute stages), it’ s time to break into a jog (never stop moving between two-minute stages, though). For your third two-minute stage, jog around the track at a tempo of 100 seconds per 200 metres (again, 25 seconds per 50 metres). To make sure you’re at the right pace, have your friend call out your splits to you as you reach each 50-metre point.

How accurate is the Montreal test?

Follow-up research has shown that this Montreal test is a remarkably accurate way to determine your velocity at V02max. And, best of all, it provides you with a specific workout intensity which can pay big performance dividends.

How many trips does 120/85 mean?

Obviously, you’ll make about 120/85 = 1.4 trips around the track during this stage, or 200 metres plus 80 more metres. Once the two minutes in this fourth stage are up, you must move straight on to the fifth stage. In the fifth stage, you’ll use a tempo of 74 seconds per 200 meters. And so on.

Is V02max a good training speed?

In addition, your running velocity at V02max is a great training speed. If you know your velocity at V02max, you can structure some eye-popping, performance-boosting interval workouts around it. Why is V02max no good as a race predictor, yet velocity at V02max is a fool-proof foreteller of race speed?

Can you tell what your VO2max is?

Let’s face it: it’s no big deal to know what your actual VO2max is. True, if it’s an ethereal number which resides above the magical 70 mark, you can brag about it a bit with your athlete friends. And even if your VO2max is a rather stunted figure, you can use it to look up your potential race times in a book like Jack Daniels’s great ‘Oxygen Power’. Aside from those two limited applications, however, knowing your aerobic capacity just doesn’t do you much good.


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