What is the weather prediction for january 2022



What is the Monthly Weather Forecast?

The National Weather Service forecast for the San Francisco Bay Area calls for sunny skies Wednesday with warmer conditions. Daytime highs will range from the low to mid 70s throughout the Bay Area with overnight lows from the mid 40s to low 50s.

Will we get snow this winter?

STAUNTON — To snow or not to snow, that is the question. According to AccuWeather, there’s a potential for a major winter storm … “By late Wednesday and Thursday is when we‘ll start to get an idea, okay are we looking at a 2 to 4 inch event or …

What is the long range weather forecast?

on Dec. 1, 2021. UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain posted to Twitter on Thursday that the Global Ensemble Forecast System, a weather model that generates longterm weather predictions based on 21 separate forecasts, is showing what he says is the the …

Will we have snow?

snow and more snow. More: Storm hits parts of Fulton County A winter weather warning was issued for Fulton County until 6 p.m. Thursday evening. We are seeking photos of ‘February’s Fury, Snowmageddon, 2022’. More: Assessment of storm damage ongoing …


Will 2022 be a rough winter?

Old Farmer’s Almanac Predicts Mild and Dry 2021-2022 Winter for California – Most of the U.S. Will Experience Bone-Chilling, Below-Average Temperatures.

Is it snowing in January 2022?

January 2022 is now the 4th lowest snowfall on recorded in California. The state is seeing the 4th lowest snowfall on since 1971, according to the Central Sierra Snow lab. CALIFORNIA, USA — January is considered to be one of the wettest winter months in California, and this year it’s setting new records.

Is January 2022 colder than normal?

January 2022 The average January temperature across the contiguous U.S. was 31.0 degrees F — 0.9 of a degree above the 20th-century average — ranking in the middle third of January months in the 128-year record.

Is 2022 colder than normal?

…January 2022 Highlights… This was the first month to be colder than normal since February 2021. This was the coldest month since February 2021. The average temperature was the same as this month. The average high temperature was 23.3°F.

What is the coldest day of the year 2022?

January 22, 2022January 22, 2022 – To give you a better idea of the coldest time of year, on average, for your area, NCEI has created “Coldest Day of the Year” maps for the contiguous United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

Why is this winter so cold 2022?

Equatorial Pacific Ocean temperatures are running much colder than average. Pacific Ocean sea surface temperature departure for March 2022. The La Niña version of ENSO favors a persistent cold northwest jet stream flow across North America.

What is the climate in 2022?

The findings of the annual update include: The annual mean global near-surface temperature for each year between 2022 and 2026 is predicted to be between 1.1 °C and 1.7 °C higher than preindustrial levels (the average over the years 1850-1900).

Is February 2022 colder than normal?

February 2022 was Much Colder and Drier-than-Normal in Rochester, MN. The average temperature was 13.9°F at Rochester International Airport. This was 4.8°F colder than the 1991-2020 normal of 18.7°F.

Is the US in a drought 2022?

Even so, the western Southern Plains remain exceptionally dry. As of May 24, 2022, 42.41% of the U.S. and 50.66% of the lower 48 states are in drought. of the U.S. and 50.66% of the lower 48 states are in drought this week….U.S. Drought Monitor Categories.ValueMap Hex ColorD4 – Exceptional Drought#6600004 more rows

Will 2022 be a hot summer?

Summer 2022 is expected to be hotter than average across a broad swath of the United States, according to an updated outlook from The Weather Company, an IBM Business, and Atmospheric G2.

When did it rain in February 2022?

Observed Weather in February 2022 in Los AngelesDayObservationsPrecipitationMon, Feb 14Fog in the VicinityTue, Feb 15Thunderstorm, Light Rain, Light Drizzle0.01 inSun, Feb 20Haze, MistTue, Feb 22Light Rain0.03 in1 more row

Is January a cold month?

For the Northern Hemisphere, the months of January and February are typically the coldest.


We are starting off with the current weather conditions, brought on from the 2021 cold season. Winter is still ongoing and driven largely by a cold ENSO phase.


The January pressure pattern forecast below shows a strong signature of the La Nina. A dominant high-pressure system in the North Pacific, with a low-pressure zone over Canada and the northern United States.


Below we have a close-up image of the ENSO regions. You can nicely see the developing cold “waveforms”, as the pressure patterns are creating strong easterly surface trade winds. They drive the wind-driven ocean surface cooling. Peak cold anomalies are now focused more towards the eastern regions.


You now know well what ENSO and its warm and cold phases are. So we are going to focus on its evolution over the warm season, and see what the most recent forecasts show for its 2022 development.


Just like in the oceans, we again have a region that alternates between a positive and a negative phase. But instead of the temperatures, we are now dealing with wind, or rather its direction. This is called the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation, or just simply QBO.


The solar cycle lasts 11 years. It is actually a cycle of the Sun’s magnetic field, where the Sun goes through a magnetic pole reversal, flipping north and south magnetic poles. That causes all kinds of activity and anomalies in the Sun’s magnetic field, which can be easily observable on the Sun’s surface as an increase in sunspot numbers.


Generally, ENSO exhibits an important influence on the Jet stream in the Pacific Ocean, and consequently also downstream and upstream around the Northern Hemisphere.


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